Run, Turkey, Run!


courtesy of Ms. Parks

Ms. Parks and WCHS alumni, Gracie Johnson, at the Turkey Trot in Miamisburg.

Alan Tenorio

What do you know about the famous Turkey Trot?

According to Ohio River Road Runner’s website, this Thanksgiving morning at 8:30 am there will be a race sponsored by the Ohio River Road Runners at Riverfront Park in Miamisburg.

The Turkey Trot, a very old Miami Valley tradition, has been held for over 40 years. This year, the 5 mile race will be held on Nov. 22. Registration for this year’s event costs $35, or $30 if you are under 15.

There will be a Thanksgiving-themed costume contest and awards will be passed out after the running is finished.

The running of the Turkey Trot is a bit difficult, so here are some tips to help: Social studies teacher Ms. Rachel Baker, who is running the Turkey Trot this year, suggests that you start training as soon as possible by running.

It is also recommended by Biology teacher Ms. Jennifer Parks that you dress warmly for the race because the days are getting colder.

There is also a 1 mile run on the same day as the 5 mile. The registration for this shorter race is $20.

Mrs. Parks said “just to have fun with it.” She knows from experience that this is a crowded event, so it may not be that enjoyable if you’re not trying to have fun.

Additional details to know is that this event will take place at Riverfront Park in Miamisburg: 3 N. Miami Ave, Miamisburg, Ohio. There are a few rules to take note of as well: 1. You are not allowed to bring a bike, skateboard, or things of that nature; 2. Headsets are strongly advised not to be used during the race, so don’t bring them. 3. Since it is a family event, strollers are allowed, but only if you start the race with the walking sections.

Do you know what Turkey Trot is now? Hopefully you are now well informed about this amazing event. You might even find yourself there this year, or the next. Who knows?