“The Sandlot 2” Movie Review

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Seth Burbank, Staff Writer

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Put yourself in a time where all you did was play baseball and hang out with your friends during the summer.  A great baseball movie about a group of kid hanging out and having a good time with a twist is the movie,  “The Sandlot 2,” which can be watched now on Netflix.

The “Sandlot 2,”  released in 2005,  is the sequel to “The Sandlot.”  The film is about Johnnie Smalls (James Wilson) who shoots a rocket for the NASA space program off at the sandlot baseball field and it lands in the next-door neighbor’s yard.  Next-door neighbor Mr.  Mertle (James Earl Jones) has a vicious dog named Goliath,  better known as “The Great Fear” by everyone in town.  

After Johnnie shoots off the rocket he realizes it belongs to his friend Haley Goodfairer’s (Samantha Burton) dad and it’s the biggest piece of engineering in the history of mankind.  When Haley finds out that Johnnie shot the rocket off she has to get it back with all of the friends she and Johnnie play baseball with at the sandlot before her dad gets back from a vacation and realizes it’s missing.

The movie “The Sandlot 2” is an exciting 1 hour and 43 minute movie. The film does a good job explaining all the little details in the storyline, like the characters. The sound effects during scenes with Goliath make you think that the beast is very terrifying.  

“The Sandlot 2” is a good movie about friends hanging out and having a good time.  It is a well-plotted story with funny scenes that will make you laugh,  like when the group of kids that play baseball on the sandlot are calling names to members of the little league team they’re challenging to a game.  

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