Muse Machine


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jacobs

Trey and Erik, of Black Box Improv theater, perform at the middle school on Oct. 14 for Muse Machine students.

Nathan See

Black Box Improv theater put on a show for all ages at West Carrollton Middle School the morning of Oct. 14 thanks to Muse Machine.

Trey and Erik of Black Box Improv Theatre hosted the performance. They asked students what kind of song they wanted the actors to perform. Trey and Erik sang anything from rap to opera. 

Some students in the audience asked the performers how they did improv. Trey and Erik said that learning the skill “takes many years.” Both claimed to be fascinated with the fine arts. Trey has been learning new music for over 15 years.

Muse Machine is a group of students and teachers from all around the Dayton area. These members join together to watch and enjoy all different kinds of performances, such as the improv comedy performed at the middle school. Everyone in Muse is all about arts, whether it’s dancing and singing or creating pieces of artwork. This club allows everyone to appreciate and learn acting etiquette because students see all kinds of performances.

Sometimes there are even famous performers, such as The Blue Man Group, students are able to see through Muse Machine.

English teacher Mrs. Pam Jacobs is the Muse Machine adviser. She has been the adviser of Muse Machine since 2000. Mrs. Jacobs said her favorite part about Muse is “taking students to their first live performance.”